Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new St John’s website. We will be featuring news and information about our church and community here.
If you’re not sure how to use this site, the following information gives you a quick visual guide to how it works.



There are four parts to this website, as shown on this image: 


1. Static links
These are pages of information that don’t change very often, including information on service times and directions to our church.

2. Showcase stories
This box includes some of the latest and greatest news stories (or stories that we have some pictures for!)
You can click on the small thumbnail under the main picture to view another Showcase story.

3. Main content area
The latest news, whether it’s notices, sermons or other information will appear in this area.

4. Search options
If you want to find information on the site, this area provides you with several options.
You can use the Search box here, or you can search by categories or tags. There isn’t much difference between categories and tags, though the latter tends to be on keywords whilst categories is similar to key themes.
Finally, there is a section to external sites associated in some way to St John’s (such as church members’ blogs).

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