Taizé trip

What did our young people from Elements think of their trip to Taizé?
Find out more about their experience of camping,worship and pizzas.

What the young people thought of Taizé

Photos by Richard Croft

‘For me the best thing about taize was definitely the people and the complete cultural change. I really enjoyed talking to other teenagers from different countries and hearing about their everyday lives as well as viewpoints on the religious stuff. Also the whole drinking out of bowls thing was really interesting and i might have to keep trying that at home 😛

So the worst part was probably the camping, the ice on that first night was pretty much unbearable and i got no sleep what-so-ever. And then to have a kajillion spiders invade our personal space was like horrible although luckily we had david morris to clear them our for us 😀

And i think the best day of the week has to have been the Friday we visited cluny. We went to each restauarant like 3 times before finally deciding to get.. take away pizza XD but it was pretty good pizza anyway, even if most of us had to give up slices to david. And then Richard take pictures of that drunk man at the bus stop was so funny, i haven’t laughed so hard in a long time :)

so overall i had a really fantastic time in the community and really wouldn’t hesitate to recomend the week to anyone.’


‘I felt that the week in Taize was a lot of fun, and a very memorable experience, because of the helpful spiritual guidance, in both the services and the groups, and the feeling of closeness to God. The food was no particularly substantial, though the donations of the other Elements were greatly appreciated, however the least fn part was the 3000 smoking continentals :(
All in all, a great week.’


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