Young people lead prayers for Reading homeless

What would you do to help those who are homeless in Reading?
The young people in St John’s church spent the evening of Saturday February 4th building shelters and learning about the experiences of those who have to live out on the streets of Reading at night.
The next morning, waking bleary-eyed from their shelters, they helped lead the morning all-age service with Alison Peyton.

Here is the prayer that they wrote with their group leaders for the service:

Dear Jesus,
Thank you that you came to us as a homeless wanderer, not a king in luxury.
Thank you for the great time we’ve had staying up chatting, building shelter, having a snowball fight and singing songs together.

Thank you for our homes, our central heating, our beds, our showers, toilets and hot running water.
I think without them we’d feel pretty depressed, and uncomfortable, and that it wasn’t fair.

Thank you for all the people in Reading who help homeless people. Thank you for FAITH, CIRDIC and everyone who works or volunteers for them, or donates to them.

Please provide FAITH and CIRDIC with more donations, more people to help, more resources to give, a higher profile, and courage, strength and wisdom to keep doing their good work.

Please help us do what we can to help – help us to be generous in giving what we can, help us find time and courage to volunteer, and help us to show hospitality.


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