Buried treasure (9th Sept)

We stayed outside in the sunshine and had some fun with treasure-hunts around the church garden area.  (Surprise, surprise – the treasures were edible!)  This reminded us of stories Jesus told about finding something very special – like buried treasure or a really precious jewel.  The people in his stories went and sold everything they had so as to be able to own that treasure.  He said this was like discovering the ‘Kingdom of God’.  We wondered what he meant by those words.


People usually think of ‘God’s Kingdom’ as meaning something far away in ‘heaven’ – not here on earth.  Or is it perhaps just something we hope will come in the future?  That’s what people in Jesus’ day thought too.

But he amazed them by announcing, ‘The Kingdom of God has arrived – it’s right at hand’ – close to us both in space and time.  It seems it arrived with Jesus!

He also told his followers, ‘The Kingdom of God is among you (or within you)’.

So where might you spot this jewel, or accidentally discover a spiritual treasure trove?  What might it look like?  We sang two short songs to help us think about that:

Meeting JesusUbi caritas (Latin title)
Where there is care and love … Where there is care, there God is.

The Kingdom of God is justice and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.  Come, Lord, and open in us the gates of your kingdom.

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