Yeast (16th September)

We baked our own bread rolls in the Café kitchen.  It always takes a bit longer than you’ve planned for, but they were really fresh and tasty!  Then we thought about bread in the Bible, and particularly about Jesus saying that the Kingdom of God is like yeast, making the bread rise  – slowly and invisibly but surely.

bread rolls

What did he mean?  Fish reminded us of another time when Jesus talked about yeast – the ‘yeast of the Pharisees’.  His disciples thought he was getting at them because they had forgotten to bring any bread in the boat for lunch.  But what he meant was they should be careful that the ideas  and feelings of Pharisees didn’t get into their heads and hearts.

So is that also how God’s Kingdom can grow, invisibly, in us? – God’s love in our hearts and the confident, hopeful thoughts that come from trusting in Jesus … changing us, and through us also the families, clubs, schools etc. we are part of.

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