Supermarket harvest (29th Sept)

We looked at trade and in particular harvest / farming and how farmers can be affected by supermarket price wars! Supermarket mgrs 

We discussed how people like supermarket managers in positions of power and authority need our prayers.  Then we played a game.  The Pathfinders chose roles; one was a farmer (with a straw hat!) who has grown a bumper crop of cookies, two others were the managers of rival supermarkets (with shopping bags on sticks) interested in selling cookies, and the rest of us were just interested in buying the cookies!  Jenga

The idea was to illustrate how the shoppers’ quest for the best cookie bargain drives down prices and the farmer gets less for their crop than they initially think they will.  However, the Pathfinders were far more ethical, with our supermarket managers staunchly refusing to cut the price they paid to the cookie farmer even in the face of stiff competition!

So remember to pray for real managers and the pressures they face, that they can also be strong and ethical.

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