Rock solid (October 14th)

This month we’re thinking about promises.

When is a promise not a promise?  We started by playing ‘Cheat’, the game when you have to say what number or picture card you are putting down and how many of them.  It helped us spot that two things matter when a promise is made.  You have to mean what you say and also have what it takes to fulfil it.

The Bible teaches us that God has made some wonderful promises to us, and that he always keeps his word.  He is faithful, trustworthy and unchanging Looking around at the world God has made, we could spot plenty of examples of his reliable nature showing through in things that don’t change:

  • Laws of science
  • Fundamental truths and justice – like the 10 commandments, which were written on tablets of stone to show how permanent and reliable God’s truth and his promise of blessing are.

Even the things we can’t predict, like the weather, happen in a reliably random way – they even out fairly over time.  (That’s how we discover the laws of statistics!)

This is the loving and reliable God we pray to.

We read about God’s faithfulness in Psalm 145, and in Hebrews 6: 13-14 about the way he promised to bless the whole human race through Abraham – swearing on the reliability of his own good name.  Then in 2 Corinthians 1: 18-22 we heard Paul explain that Jesus is the ‘Yes’, fulfilling all God’s promises and, through his Spirit in us, guaranteeing what is to come.  Wow!   That’s why we say ‘Amen’ through him at the end of our prayers.

Skyhook 2We finished by playing a game we called ‘Skyhook’, which involved balancing on a beam and holding on to a rope as an ‘anchor in the heavens’ – a picture of what the writer of Hebrews says Jesus has secured for us by his death, his resurrection and his ascension to his Father’s throne room.  Holding the rope firmly helps us survive all the things life throws at us – like huge cushions for instance!

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