Ask… seek… knock … (October 21st)


… and you’ll receive … you’ll find … it will be opened to you.

Continuing with this month’s theme of ‘promises’, we looked at  God’s promise to hear us when we pray.  Why is prayer like a samosa? – read on to find out.


Prayer is about communication – and this means actually making an effort both in speaking to and listening to God.

Prayer 001We had fun with some communication activies: using only mime to share things we’d done went well; all speaking at the same time for a whole minute about our favourite holiday meant we missed quite a lot; taking off shoes while also keeping a tomato held between two foreheads beat all the pairs that tried it!

We shared some of the things we find difficult about prayer, like feeling forced to do it or not finding time, or falling asleep, and some of the things we like about it, like how it makes us feel peaceful, feel better about things, and find answers to life’s questions.

Prayer 002Then we explored some verses in the Bible that helped us think about God’s promises about prayer. In Phil 4:12-13, Paul is sharing about how he has found ways to be content in God no matter what he’s gone through. God knows all about our situation, and can help us with whatever we go through, good and bad. In Phil 4:6-7, we are encouraged to give things we are worrying about to God in prayer, who promises to give us peace in return. Psalm 139 shows us that God is always present with us, in church and in daily life, and knows all about us – but still loves us! And we also saw that it’s ok to be honest in praying to God, even if that means having an angry rant!  Finally, in Matt 7:7-11 Jesus tells us that God wants to answer prayers, we just need to ask and seek Him. We thought about different ways God can answer prayers: bygiving us peace; byspeaking to us through others; and by helping us to become the answer to our own prayers and other people’s too.

We snacked on samosas, and thought about how prayer is like a triangle – connecting us to God so that we can know Him more and experience His love for us, and then connecting us to others as we begin to share that love with them too, connecting them with God.

Prayer 003Finally, we started a prayer diary for everyone to put prayer requests in, so that over the weeks we can see how God has been at work answering prayer.

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