Trust me (October 28th)

This month already we’ve thought about God’s rock solid promises of blessing to us, and how Jesus is the ‘Yes’ or ‘Amen’ to them all.  And we’ve heard how our Father in heaven promises to respond when we ask him, seek him, knock on his door.

But what do we need to do?  What’s our side of the promise?

Before trying to answer that, we thought about things that are a lot less reliable – things we don’t fully trust, and so we often put in a back up plan.

Trust me 002Ski pants with braces let the ski-er move freely.  But if you don’t trust them to hold your pants up and you where a belt too, the braces become worthless and you lose your free movement.

We drew pictures of some other examples.  Can you trust Your umbrella or do you wear a mac too?  Can you trust Google translate or do you have to check it with a dictionary?

Trust me 001A promise is like a gift.  (This week our snacks came wrapped up like a gift.)  A gift is not much good to you if you don’t accept and unwrap it. 

A promise is not much good to you if you don’t trust it.

When people asked Jesus, ‘what works do we need to do to inherit eternal life?’, he said, ‘Just trust in me, that’s the only “work” that God requires’. 

To live the ‘eternal’ life – life as it was always meant to be – we don’t need to be worrying whether we’re good enough nor getting super religious.  Just trust Jesus, he’s included you and you can follow his example.

What have a bath, a simple meal and hands laid on you got in common?  These three holy signs or ‘sacraments’ – baptism, holy communion, confirmation – are things we do together in the church to help us show how we are trusting in Jesus.  They aren’t extra things we must do; rather they are things that help us to unwrap the gift of God’s promises in Jesus and to really trust him in our inner selves.

We finished by revisiting our ‘Skyhook’ game from October 14th.  When you hold on to something secure it makes you more stable.  So trusting in Jesus enables us to lead trustworthy lives that people can rely on.  Promises people make at baptism and confirmation are like that.  You trust in God that he’ll keep you faithful through your life as you hold on to Jesus.

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