Caution – artists at work!

finished workWhere have the paintings gone from the church coutyard?  Who did it?

This Autumn half-term,  our Pathfinders group persuaded our vicar, Fr Vincent Gardner, to lend his art expertise and a set of very decent brushes. With his guidance, they and some friends set out to bring new life to paintings that have been hanging in the church courtyard since the millenium year, 2000 AD.

Starting upAfter 12 years outside in all weathers the three paintings were showing areas of damage and the colours were dulled.  Sue Batchelor, who originally made them had left us the tins of paint and gave us some advice and encouragement online.

Being blessed with a beautiful day with blue skies, we were also able to work outdoors at cleaning up the design in the courtyard’s block paving, which was almost completely obscured by black dirt and algae.  This was a job for a pressure washer – which was a lot of wet fun, and only used as a water cannon on just a few occasions!.

One more to goSo now there’s just one more painting needing to be restored.  Who will do that? … and when shall we see them all back up on display?

Watch this space!

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