At Tyrrell Court


At Tyrrell Court is one of three sheltered housing complexes in the parish. It is situated in London Road, opposite the old entrance to the university, and this year celebrated its 25th anniversary. Like Weirside Court and St Stephen’s Court closer to the parish centre, it benefits from the support of a carer/warden who spends a considerable amount of the week on-site, and between times an on-call support service based in Bracknell. In addition to the residents’ own self-contained flats there is an en-suite bedroom for their family and friends when they come to visit.

Some church members have been taking a communion service there for a number of years, and very much enjoy the welcome they receive from the residents. They are a lovely and lively group of people and at our visit in September we asked them why they are glad they moved into their flat. They all said they enjoyed the community spirit and the friendship, and that it was like living in a big family where they felt secure.

Quite a lot goes on in the way of entertainment, which includes coffee mornings, bingo, film afternoons, afternoon tea and cake, fish and chips lunch once a month and an outing in the summer. When we visit there is a cup (or two) of tea and a plentiful supply of biscuits. But residents also get out and about and find they have everything to hand: Readibus will pick them up, the RBH is just across the road, the doctor is down the road and there is a petrol station on the corner which also has a small convenience store, very convenient when it is pouring with rain!

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