Climate Matters!


As 2014 draws to a close, it looks to have been the hottest year on record (and one of the wettest). No wonder there is so much focus on next year’s international conferences on Climate Change.

So St John’s green team have decided it’s high time to renew our EcoCongregation award. It was in 2009 that we became the first Anglican church in Reading to receive the award. One step we took back then was to commit to buying green electricity from Ecotricity, who run the wind turbine at Green Park and are regularly reinvesting profits to create more renewable  generation capacity up and down the country.

Now we’re working on an action plan to help make more of the life and worship of the church as green as possible. As a first step many of us are measuring our weekly gas and electricity at home to discover our personal carbon footprints. We plan to share our findings and then try to reduce our use – a bit of competition should prove helpful encouragement. At the same time we’d like to shrink the church’s carbon footprint too (and its bills!)

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