During the week 1-10 September we will be hosting a ‘pop-up festival’ in East Reading, which will attempt to bring together and explore various issues pertinent to community life and our humanity. The festival is entitled ‘Dazzle’ – illuminated by the darkness.

For many people, current issues the world is facing seem overwhelming; the fast-paced nature of capitalism and hungry consumerism raises many challenges politically, socially and philosophically. For those at the wrong end, or outside, the social scale the prospects seem bleak and dark.

Outrider Anthems is currently running a year-long ‘Festival of the Dark’ in Reading, with the support of Arts Council England. The Festival of the Dark has sought to explore the concept of Darkness through art, installation, drama and discussion. The hope is to discover the positive aspects of embracing darkness and shadow; to consider ways that society and communities may be enriched.

Dazzle has emerged in ‘conversation’ with these themes in order to explore what darkness means for science, art, theology, philosophy and culture. It aims to be a festival of ideas and practice. Some of our conversations will include ‘hidden’ ideas of guerrilla gardening, community enrichment and permaculture.

Our keynote speaker earlier in the week is Kate Raworth, author of the influential Doughnut Economy; and other contributors will probe the philosophical, scientific, artistic, poetic and social aspects of Darkness.

On Saturday 9th we will host a Symposium on Darkness, asking what this word means for Scientists, Artists, Educators, Philosophers and Theologians. It will be a ‘grown up conversation’ which allows for the insights of one forum to crossover with others. We are looking forward to this!

Speakers include,

Kester Brewin on Mutiny!
Alison Webster on Transgression
Colin Heber-Percy on Darkness, Mystery and Art
Helen Bilton on Upturning Education
Vincent Gardner on Dogs**t Theology
Gary Collins on Desire
others to be confirmed, including ‘a man with bees’

Further details regarding Outrider Anthems and the Festival of the Dark are available at

Timetable Dazzle-rev1The Timetable poster is available here





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