About Us


St John & St Stephen’s Church is an Anglican Church in the area of Newtown, Reading, near Cemetery Junction.

We are an engaged, forward thinking, friendly and diverse group of people seeking to serve our community in East Reading.

We are physically attached to St John’s C of E Primary School and enjoy a close relationship with them via assemblies and shared use of our worship space. School parents and carers regularly hang out in our weekday cafe, forging friendship and sharing day to day issues.

Our Sunday worship is centred on the Holy Communion service, with good preaching, varied music, children’s groups and refreshments afterwards.

We value honesty in our relationships and offer a particular welcome to those who feel wounded by life.

We seek to go deeper in our worship via contemplation  and shared prayer needs, and to be real with God and with each other.

We value preaching highly and our small groups provide an opportunity to explore faith and life issues further.

We are seeking ways to develop our weekly Sunday youth and children’s work amid changing social patterns.

We are an Eco Church committed to tackling current issues of climate injustice.

We seek to integrate prayer and social action and many of us are involved in local social projects as an active outworking of our faith in Jesus Christ, as we seek to make a difference in the world.

We are exploring with our Diocese what it means to be a more Christ-like Church for the sake of the world, incorporating the three values of contemplation, compassion and courage.