Trust me (October 28th)

This month already we’ve thought about God’s rock solid promises of blessing to us, and how Jesus is the ‘Yes’ or ‘Amen’ to them all.  And we’ve heard how our Father in heaven promises to respond when we ask him, seek him, knock on his door.

But what do we need to do?  What’s our side of the promise?

Before trying to answer that, we thought about things that are a lot less reliable – things we don’t fully trust, and so we often put in a back up plan. (more…)

Rock solid (October 14th)

This month we’re thinking about promises.

When is a promise not a promise?  We started by playing ‘Cheat’, the game when you have to say what number or picture card you are putting down and how many of them.  It helped us spot that two things matter when a promise is made.  You have to mean what you say and also have what it takes to fulfil it.

The Bible teaches us that God has made some wonderful promises to us, and that he always keeps his word.  He is faithful, trustworthy and unchanging(more…)

Distractions (23rd September)

‘These are evil times, so make every minute count’, said Paul in his letter to the Ephesians.  Well, he’s surely right to warn us not to waste our time on pointless or even on bad things.  But do you sometimes feel under pressure with too many good and important things to do, so you don’t know what to do first? (more…)