‘Lent Embers’, an album for Lent

Not only do we have the amazing Lent Film Club Perception this year, Vincent & Gary have also compiled a Lent Album, ‘Lent Embers’, for your delight and delectation. An audio journey in two sides; Side A compiled by ‘Mixmaster of Glum’, Fr.G: Side B Compiled by ‘DJ Smoov’, Fr.V. We hope that this will […]


Perception – The Lent Film Club

Please join us for the next five Thursdays as we journey through Lent with the aid of great film-making. This years theme is Perception, asking questions about what happens when our perceptions are forced to change. Films are; I, Daniel Blake – 9 March Julieta – 16 March Arrival – 23 March Notes on Blindness […]


Satire, Resistance, and The 1975

I watched “The Brit Awards’ last night and saw a new band called ‘The 1975’; charismatic singer, catchy pop tunes etc. They won an award and looked very proud! But I’m reliably informed, (the gift of teenage children), they have received criticism for looking ‘Emo’ (moody, angsty, sullen) whilst not sounding it. The Emo look […]


Candlemas 2017

A meal was shared, candles were blessed, the children led the service wonderfully and the tree finally came down, (there must be a God!). Thanks everyone – it was a lovely service. Thanks to Carol for the pictures…

David Bowie's The Next Day

What Am I Doing With My Life?

Cafe Communion Talk – 19 Jan 17 This week I watched a documentary about the last five years of David Bowie’s life. Available here (only to end of Feb 2017) It was a very powerful and inspiring film… and personally challenging. It showed a man of incredible creative energy and drive who worked with great […]



Martin Scorsese’s new film, ‘Silence‘, is out in the cinemas now. Based upon the classic book by Shasuko Endo, it follows the story of two 16th Century Jesuit Priests as they enter Japan in search of their mentor. They journey at a time when the Christian communities in Japan were mercilessly persecuted and driven underground. […]