Sermon: ‘Wear the badge!’ given by Don Mason on 2 May 2010

Wear the Badge!

Acts 11: 1 – 18, John 13: 31-35

 It was night.  So ends the verse immediately before the short passage from John’s Gospel we have just read.  It was night.  This short phrase marks a break in the narrative.  Before, it was evening, now it is night.  There’s a subtle symbolism too in the word ‘night’ — a time of darkness, extinguished light, scheming and secrecy.   (more…)

Sermon: ‘Peter’s next step’ by Rev Vincent Gardner given on 18 April 2010


Peter’s Next Step. Rev. Vincent Gardner 18/04/10

During a Minister’s fraternal, an old pastor stood up to share his faith and attitude to his lifelong ministry. Yet his testimony surprised a number of people. The pastor stood up and looked at the group and said, “I am a pastor of a small, not-growing church. I am not ordained. I am not college trained. I was asked to leave two Bible colleges I attended. On any given day I am capable of being (more…)