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Gary Collins

Gary joined the team as Assistant Curate in July 2016. He likes art, film, swimming and challenging music. Before that he worked as a graphic designer, artist, and arts development worker. Gary is married to Rachel they have five astonishing children, and inspirational friends. Words like ‘mystic’, ‘apophatic’ and ‘anatheism’ seem to follow him around; […]


Tanya Penn

Tanya is really cool. Like we mean really cool. Most likely to say: ‘I don’t understand, why would someone do that?’ Least likely to say: ‘I think I agree with Vincent and Gary there..’ Favourite Artist: ‘ Most likely to sing in the bath: ‘theology blah blah blah’


Christine Bainbridge

I was a vicar in South East London and retired to Reading with my husband Richard (also a vicar) to be closer to family.  I found St John’s and St Stephen’s very welcoming, not only to us but to children and a wide cross section of our neighbourhood.  I love the music and the way […]


Mark Laynesmith

Mark is Chaplain to Reading University, and a member of the community at St John & St Stephen’s. Mark regularly preaches, and presides at Eucharist. He makes a nifty craft beer, bakes astonishing bread, knows almost everything and is generally a lovely person to have on your Facebook friends list. Most likely to say: ‘Hmmm’ […]


Not just them!

Ok, so these are the folk you are most likely to see around during a service or if you visit during the week. But it takes a lot more people to enable a church to exist…  it actually takes everyone who turns up to make Church.. er, well Church! Everyone has a part to play. […]