Vincent Gardner

Head honcho, top-dog, trickster, provocateur, Barth fanatic, artist, theologian, philosopher, teacher, free thinker. Vincent has been Vicar of StJ & StS for the last ten years and has helped develop a coherent and radical approach to community theology and praxis. Prior to priesthood he has been a sheep farmer, a philosophy teacher and an artist. […]


Gary Collins

Gary joined the team as Assistant Curate in July 2016. He likes red wine, art, film, swimming and good music. Before that he worked as a graphic designer, artist, and arts development worker. Gary is married to Rachel they have five astonishing children, and inspirational friends. Words like ‘mystic’, ‘apophatic’ and ‘anatheism’ seem to follow […]


Tanya Penn

Tanya is really cool. Like we mean really cool. Most likely to say: ‘I don’t understand, why would someone do that?’ Least likely to say: ‘I think I agree with Vincent and Gary there..’ Favourite Artist: ‘ Most likely to sing in the bath: ‘theology blah blah blah’


Christine Bainbridge

I was a vicar in South East London and retired to Reading with my husband Richard (also a vicar) to be closer to family.  I found St John’s and St Stephen’s very welcoming, not only to us but to children and a wide cross section of our neighbourhood.  I love the music and the way […]


Mark Laynesmith

Mark is Chaplain to Reading University, and a member of the community at St John & St Stephen’s. Mark regularly preaches, and presides at Eucharist. He makes a nifty craft beer, bakes astonishing bread, knows almost everything and is generally a lovely person to have on your Facebook friends list. Most likely to say: ‘Hmmm’ […]


Not just them!

Ok, so these are the folk you are most likely to see around during a service or if you visit during the week. But it takes a lot more people to enable a church to exist…  it actually takes everyone who turns up to make Church.. er, well Church! Everyone has a part to play. […]