Fr. Vincent Gardner

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A statement from the Diocese of Oxford.

Some of you will be aware that Fr Vincent has been through an extremely challenging time personally, and this has taken its toll. Recognising this, the diocese and church wardens have agreed with Fr Vincent that he will stand back from all of his ministry responsibilities for a season. 

In practice, this means he is laying down all of his church and school responsibilities until the end of December. During this period, the churchwardens will be responsible for the running of the church, and will share this responsibility with the ministry team. Fr Vincent will remain in the vicarage, but this is Fr Vincent’s last day at work and we’ll have a chance to wish him well after the service.  Pastoral support is in place for Fr Vincent and let’s be sure to pray for him and the children in the coming months.


Vincent has been Vicar of StJ & StS for the last ten years and has helped develop a coherent and radical approach to community theology and praxis. Prior to priesthood he has been a sheep farmer, a philosophy teacher and an artist.

Most likely to say: ‘of course, if you’d read Karl Barth ….’

Least likely to say: ‘Ooh is that a lovely Nut Roast? ’

Favourite Artist: Masaccio

Most likely to sing in the bath: Something by Frank….