Gary Collins

Gary-WEbIMg (2)

Gary joined the team as Assistant Curate in July 2016.
He likes art, film, swimming and challenging music.

Before that he worked as a graphic designer, artist, and arts development worker. Gary is married to Rachel they have five astonishing children, and inspirational friends.

Words like ‘mystic’, ‘apophatic’ and ‘anatheism’ seem to follow him around; but hopefully also words like ‘friendly, kind, caring, honest’.

Gary has a passion for thinking about what the church thinks, says and does in relation to contemporary issues of politics, culture and identity.

Most likely to say: ‘Where can i get cheese at this time of night?’

Least likely to say: ‘You’re altogether lovely’

Favourite Artist: Pablo Picasso

Most likely to sing in the bath: ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ by Leonard Cohen