Peter Crooks


Born in Vienna, met Nancy in Aqaba – married in Durham and ordained priest in London – both in 1976. Will soon have lived in Reading seven years, longer than we have lived anywhere else. Despite the name Crooks we have not been on the run – but have lived and worked in Beirut, Tehran, Damascus, Jerusalem, and Aden and for nine years in country villages in Warwickshire with six medieval churches – but younger congregations.


We love the diversity of friendships in Newtown, its scruffy unpredictability and the wonderful location of St John’s and St Stephens in the heart of it, where we have worshipped for the past three years. Our small dog, Pippin, has introduced us to many of his friends and we are slowly learning the names of their owners. Our grandchildren, Jess and Huw are nearby, which is great and cooking and carpentry are often on the agenda when they visit. I sing neither in the bath nor shower but sometimes hum, like Pooh Bear – tiddly pom. God bless you!