Sermon Speaker

Richard Croft

Who do you say I am? 13th September 2015

St John’s and St Stephen’s Church, Reading, 13th September 2015, Creation 2 Isaiah 50:9-11, Mark 8:27-38 Who do you say I am? I cannot remember a time when a leadership election for a political party has generated such interest and, whatever we might think of the outcome, it has re-ignited an interest in politics for […]

Heartfelt Trust – sermon given by Richard Croft on Sunday 12th July 2015

St Johns and St Stephens Church, Reading, 12th July 2015, Trinity 11 Proverbs 9:1-6, John 6:51-58 ‘Heartfelt trust’   Many of you know that a couple of weeks ago a small group from St John’s, and some friends, spent a week at the community of Taizé in France. It was the 6th visit we have […]

Beginnings – Sunday 22nd February 2015

  Genesis 9:8-17, Mark 1:9-15 Beginnings   In the year 445, St Patrick baptized King Aengus of Munster in Ireland. St Patrick had in his hand a sharp-pointed staff and by mistake, without noticing, he stabbed the King in his foot while he was conducting the baptism. The King made no mention of this, and […]