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Richard Croft


Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday St John’s and St Stephen’s Church, Reading, 15th May 2016 Acts 2:1-21, John 14:8-17, 25-27 Christmas, Easter and Pentecost are the three big Christian festivals. In them, the church has stamped onto the year, written in to the passage of time, three indelible marks of grace, of unconditional love to all humanity with, […]


Peter and Cornelius

St John’s and St Stephen’s Church, Reading. April 25th 2016, Easter 5 Acts 11:1-18, John 13:31-35 What is it that divides you from other people? What are your prejudices? Where are the lines drawn that cut you off from another person, another group? We all have them and sometimes we don’t even know they are […]

Know your enemy – sermon given on Sunday February 14th 2016 by Richard Croft

Despite a moderately busy day on call on Friday at Tilehurst Surgery, I found myself responding to an inner call – perhaps even a temptation – to cash in on the ‘Valentine’s day £20 meal for 2’ offer at a supermarket on Oxford Road. Finding 20 minutes, I headed in to a foyer positively blooming […]

All-in-one-Christmas – Sermon given by Richard Croft on 3rd January 2016

St Johns and St Stephens Church, Reading, 3rd January 2016 All-in-one Christmas, Epiphany and New Year Jeremiah 31:7-14, John 1:1-18 There has been a bit of liturgical confusion about today. I’m almost certain that statement has got everyone’s pulses racing, so let me explain. The liturgical rota gives today as Epiphany, but it’s not – […]

Remembrance Sunday – sermon given on 8th November 2015 by Richard Croft

Weirdly, today’s OT and NT readings are connected by, amongst other things, fish. The book of Jonah is the story of a man who was swallowed by a gigantic fish; and the gospel in Mark is about 4 fishermen who caught fish for a living. I just want to get that out of the way, […]


Sin Boldly!

Alcoholics Anonymous is an international organisation committed to the rehabilitation of people whose lives have been blighted by alcohol. In my work as a GP I of course come across many people who have huge problems with alcohol and it leads them to nowhere any good. Broken health, broken relationships, loss of work, of money, […]

Who do you say I am? 13th September 2015

St John’s and St Stephen’s Church, Reading, 13th September 2015, Creation 2 Isaiah 50:9-11, Mark 8:27-38 Who do you say I am? I cannot remember a time when a leadership election for a political party has generated such interest and, whatever we might think of the outcome, it has re-ignited an interest in politics for […]

Heartfelt Trust – sermon given by Richard Croft on Sunday 12th July 2015

St Johns and St Stephens Church, Reading, 12th July 2015, Trinity 11 Proverbs 9:1-6, John 6:51-58 ‘Heartfelt trust’   Many of you know that a couple of weeks ago a small group from St John’s, and some friends, spent a week at the community of Taizé in France. It was the 6th visit we have […]

Beginnings – Sunday 22nd February 2015

  Genesis 9:8-17, Mark 1:9-15 Beginnings   In the year 445, St Patrick baptized King Aengus of Munster in Ireland. St Patrick had in his hand a sharp-pointed staff and by mistake, without noticing, he stabbed the King in his foot while he was conducting the baptism. The King made no mention of this, and […]