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Vincent Gardner


We are not pigs!

Today we have another sermon in our Realistic Christianity series. If you remember so far I have begun to map out what it is to be a Realistic Christian and my suggestion that this could be a helpful way forward for many. Sermons so far: 1. We are now in the post-modern age, so we […]


Boredom – Christianity’s gift to the world.

Boredom: Christianity’s gift to the world (Realistic Christianity 3) Rev. Vincent Gardner 28/2/16 This morning is the third sermon in the Realistic Christianity series. In this series we attempt to look at various cultural changes which are affecting church life. In the first sermon we looked at the philosophical and theological changes: from Modernism to […]

Jesus says: Be Authentic and Naughty Rev. Vincent Gardner 18/10/15

The other week a friend who was coming over for dinner said I am bringing over someone you will really get on with as he is a radical Christian. My response was I doubt it and oh, no. As soon as I hear the word radical and Christian I know there will be dietary requirements […]