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Vincent Gardner

Jesus says: Be Authentic and Naughty Rev. Vincent Gardner 18/10/15

The other week a friend who was coming over for dinner said I am bringing over someone you will really get on with as he is a radical Christian. My response was I doubt it and oh, no. As soon as I hear the word radical and Christian I know there will be dietary requirements […]

The Rich Young Ruler – 11th October 2015 Rev. Vincent Gardner

Rev. Vincent Gardner Rich young ruler 11/10/15 Do you know what one of my fantasies is? To be able to look out from a balcony window on the Amalifi coast in Italy with a glass of red Barolo wine in hand, good company, sun on my face… while lying on a bed of hard cash….Gorgeous. […]

Doubt again – Rev. Vincent Gardner, 19th April 2015

  It has always seemed to me that we all attend church there are two main impulses: to come to find and be told a way of living in this world, to receive answers from someone else how to tackle and live the big questions Or secondly to escape from the difficult questions of life […]

22nd March 2015 – Rev. Vincent Gardner

22nd March 2015 Rev Vincent Gardner   At the time of this scripture Jesus was well on His way to the cross. His public ministry was coming to a close and a variety of things were unfolding. A crowd of people from many different places had gathered for the Passover Feast. The people in the […]