Sin Boldly!

Alcoholics Anonymous is an international organisation committed to the rehabilitation of people whose lives have been blighted by alcohol. In my work as a GP I of course come across many people who have huge problems with alcohol and it leads them to nowhere any good. Broken health, broken relationships, loss of work, of money, […]

Who do you say I am? 13th September 2015


Trinity Sunday 31st May 2015

Trinity Sunday – John 31-7 Morning Communion, Trinity, 31st May 2015 Who do you pray to?  Do you pray to the Father, as Jesus did?  Or do you pray directly to Jesus?  Or sometimes one, sometimes the other?  And do you pray to the Spirit?  I suspect that, like me, you may not always be […]

Doubt again – Rev. Vincent Gardner, 19th April 2015

22nd March 2015 – Rev. Vincent Gardner

Beginnings – Sunday 22nd February 2015